CLIENT oriented solutIONS
we focus on delivering tailor-made solutions to allow Clients realise their overall vision

Whether an Integrated Team, or overall scope management, our team with their strong practical and hands-on background has proven experience in developing and implementing strategies and organization to suit the project drivers.

With a focus on implementing a solid foundation and structure based on current industry practices along with the integration of client Personnel to provide practical hands-on experience, No deviation Pte. Ltd. can provide the resources to lead or support your Commissioning and Qualification effort.

Our success is derived from fostering a common goal and defined objectives within the Commissioning and Qualification team and external actors while delivering the guidance and leadership to realise the client’s objectives.


Understand the client’s drivers to develop appropriate support solution
Observe and communicate to develop a sense of empathy
Define client’s needs and develop insights
Implement identified support needs and continually assess the efficiency of the planned actions

We strive to provide Client based support with the above drivers

SKILLED TALENT REQUIREDWe are currently involved in a number of medium and large scale OPEX and CAPEX projects for large Multi-national Corporations (MNC) providing leadership and oversight in a numbers of keyroles within the clients team.To find out more, checkout out Careers page or contact us by email