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5 things to know about Mirrhia – an environmental monitoring system for the pharma industry

Patient safety is always the top priority in the pharmaceutical industry. Mirrhia, an environmental monitoring system and contamination control ensures patient safety and faster production through the collection and transformation of data into useful information. The system has applications in areas that include alarm management, particle counters and air samplers, microbiology traceability, calibration management, intelligent monitoring and electronic batch reports. 

Here are 5 things that you may not know about Mirrhia, the environmental monitoring system for the pharmaceutical industry:

1. An independent environmental monitoring system

You might wonder what it means. Why is it independent? Well, a lot of EMS suppliers provide their own equipment or work with specific ones, which might be a barrier for some companies as they want to keep their existing equipment or use certain brands. 

Mirrhia offers this great opportunity to work with a very wide range of equipment. This is a real asset that allows you to control your costs.

2. An environmental monitoring solution that you can fully configure

Right from measure overview, alarm management, maps configuration and views, to adding a particle counter or system components diagnosis, Mirrhia is fully configurable. The possibilities are endless. This implies full control on users’ rights and access and brings a higher level of efficiency to any controlled environment. 

3. A pre-qualified software

With Mirrhia, installation goes much faster and the validation cost decreases. Indeed, Mirrhia is a pre-qualified software, which means it will require less time and effort to deploy on premises. Mirrhia software is FDA 21 CFR part 11 and EU Annex 11 compliant. This ensures data integrity and responds to local regulatory requirements.

 As Mirrhia’s approach is based on risk analysis (RBA), it offers a pre-qualified software to which we associate IQ/OQ protocols adapted to your installations.

4. A unique set of functionalities

Mirrhia is an environmental monitoring system that brings together a unique set of features on a single platform:

  • Real-time monitoring
  • Notification and management of alarms
  • Qualified reporting and audit trail
  • Browsing through tree structure and 2D maps
  • Easy and integrated user management (LDAP)
  • Calibration management
  • Electronic batch records management
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Task management…

Mirrhia’s open architecture allows data acquisition from all types of equipment, sensors, or probes. The system was designed to monitor all your installations such as clean rooms, warehouses, laboratories, clinical pharmacies, etc.

5. A robust, all-in-one platform

Mirrhia is a solution that combines industrial robustness with the flexibility of modern technologies:

  • Mirrhia can fetch sensor information from a PLC, which is designed for a 24/7 runtime. Some specific models are now able to store data locally during a network outage.
  • Mirrhia can connect with a wide range of wired or wireless data loggers. Mirrhia can, of course, connect to “simple” wireless sensors but to avoid data loss, we suggest working with those designed with local memory (buffer) to store data when a connection is not available. 
  • Acquisition is achieved by the Mirrhia IO Server which is in charge of collecting sensor data, alarm calculation and signalling through the PLC. This server can work in standalone or redundancy mode. 
  • Historization and supervision are achieved by a second server to prevent disturbance on real-time acquisition IO servers.

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