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FAT Protocol Development:
Option 2 – Using Test Case Library

Hi there. This is Joon, your trusted Kneat partner. Thank you very much for clicking into another instalment of my vlog where I’m continuing to show you how can we prepare an FAT protocol. 

We have seen in the previous vlog that we can prepare the FAT protocol by importing a Word document into the Kneat environment. Today, we’ll be looking at a situation where the client has their own Instance, and with a standard test protocol template available, with test scripts available for you to use. Now let us look at the example that we used last week, where we are still talking about the autoclave with the tag number Nd Sg-AUC-001. 

By clicking into the document, we can access to see the structure of the document over here, and on the test plan is where we will be inserting our test. By clicking on the button here, we will be assessing the library having the test scripts available, and by using the powerful search function in Kneat, we can very quickly locate the test items that we want. And by simply clicking ‘Add’, the pre-approved test scripts are now added into your test plan and we’ll be inserting into it. And by expanding on it, we can see the information with the procedure expected result. Actual results are easily populated. 

This helps the end user in generating the protocol, ensuring consistency and accuracy of information. Again, it will allow us to have a very fast review and approval process in generating the protocol. 

And there you go. This is the second way how we could generate a FAT protocol by adding test scripts from available library into the test protocol that we are generating. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me or my colleagues at hello@nodeviation.com

Till next time, keep innovating.

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