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FAT Protocol Development:
Option 1 – Client imports Word document provided by vendor

Hi there! This is Joon from No deviation, your trusted Kneat partner. I’d like to share with you today, one of the many different methods that can be used to develop Factory Acceptance Test or FAT Protocol in Kneat, the world’s most advanced paperless validation solution. 

Given the scenario that you are the equipment manufacturer and the client, in this case, has their own Kneat instance with a defined FAT protocol template. You were requested to provide the FAT protocol in native Microsoft Word format, which will be integrated by the client into the FAT protocol. 

Here, I would like to demonstrate to you how the integration can be effected by using ‘Import’ from Word feature in Kneat. I’ll bring your attention to the equipment, and in this case, we’ll be using an example of an autoclave which we have autoclave NdSG-AUC-001. 

Clicking into the document that has been generated, I will be using the feature of ‘Import’ from Word, as you can see over here, and very easily, I’ll be dropping the file into here and it will be imported and integrated into the document. 

And there you go! The vendor document is now integrated into the template protocol as easy as 1-2-3 with some minor tweaking that needs to be done.

The protocol is now ready for review and approval process. In the next block I’ll be sharing another method that can be used to generate FAT protocol in Kneat. Please reach out to me or my colleagues at hello@nodeviation.com and until next time, keep innovating. 

Click here to watch the video showing FAT protocol development Option 2 – Using Test Case Library.

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