new in team edmus goh no deviation

New in the Team: Edmus Goh, Engineer, No deviation

  1. What drew you to the pharmaceutical industry?

Ever since I was young, I have always been interested in the Math & Science field and have been curious about the mechanism of drugs and medicines. Due to my ‘O’ level grades, I was unable to get into the Biomedical Science course and got into the Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering course. Coincidently, the course has a specialization path in Biopharmaceutical Production and Technology, which immediately caught my interest. After graduation, I realised that the pharmaceutical industry is the perfect place for me to hone and display my knowledge and skill. As such, I furthered my studies at SIT in Pharmaceutical Production and successfully graduated in 2021. 

  1. What were you expecting – study vs reality? Is learning on the job very different from what you have learned in your study books?

When studying, I was told to do only what is required and during internship, I was not assigned too many tasks due to the nature of the testing. However, as soon as I was out in the workforce, I expected to be exposed to more challenges and responsibilities as I would continue to learn on the job itself. 

In terms of learning, there are pros and cons of learning on the job versus in study books. By studying, I was able to get the fundamentals I require for the job, but the lack of the knowledge gained from hands-on experience would only deem the fundamentals useless. This hands-on experience could only be gained by going to sites and getting to learn more about the systems as I operate them on a daily basis. Hence I believe that I would be able to strive more with the knowledge I gained from both aspects. 

  1. How do you feel after your first project experience?

I feel relieved that I managed to complete my first project in the workforce since graduation successfully and grateful to the people I met as I was able to gain many insights and knowledge in terms of commissioning and operations of a typical Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) from them throughout the 13 months. 

  1. What is your biggest learning experience? What is the part of the project you enjoyed the most?

The biggest learning experience was the chance for me to get involved in the commissioning phase of the WWTP. During those 5 months, I had the opportunity to assist the commissioning team in the commissioning of the various unit operations in WWTP. Valuable insights and knowledge were shared with me by the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from both the commissioning and Amgen teams. 

  1. What are you looking forward to?

I am looking forward to using all the knowledge and experience I have gained from the Amgen Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) project on the next upcoming projects that I would be attached to. 

  1. How is No deviation treating you? How is No deviation helping you achieve your professional goals? What do you hope to learn from your team at No deviation?

No Deviation has been treating me well as a pharma industry engineer, despite my lack of experience in the workforce. Before being attached to Amgen, I was tasked to help out with the SOPs template and given my lack of experience, the engineers took the time to clearly explain the work and how to approach it. Even after being attached to Amgen, our Director would always check in with my team and me to ensure our well-being and also to help us address any issue that we have with the client (Amgen). 

In terms of professional goals, I was fortunate to be selected by No Deviation to attend some of the internal/external training programmes such as the Computer System Validation (CSV) and  NSF Deviation and CAPA Management. As of now, I will be undergoing further training such as KNEAT User Training and Process Validation Training. 

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