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No deviation and Mirrhia partner to bring targeted solutions in environmental monitoring for pharmaceutical facilities

No deviation, a patient-centric solution provider for the pharmaceutical industry is pleased to announce its partnership with Mirrhia. This partnership enables a synergistic relationship where Mirrhia brings a targeted solution to monitor critical parameters in facilities while No deviation brings lessons learnt for implementation improvements from the various CQV executed. The partnership would also capitalise on the extensive network and presence that No deviation has in Singapore and the APAC region.

Mirrhia is an autonomous monitoring solution, centrally validated, configurable, extensible and open to monitoring all critical parameters. Mirrhia has been designed to monitor facilities including but not limited to clean rooms, warehouses, labs/QC, compounding labs, filling lines, blood/tissue banks, clinical pharmacies, isolation rooms, surgery rooms and fertility centers. The open architecture of Mirrhia allows the acquisition of data from any type of equipment, sensors or probes. Mirrhia offers a single platform for field alarm signalling and a consolidated dashboard to keep an overview of your facilities anywhere, anytime, and on any device.

Mirrhia brings together a unique set of features into one single platform with applications in areas such as alarm management, particle counters and air samplers, microbiology traceability, calibration management, intelligent monitoring and electronic batch reports.  

About Mirrhia

Mirrhia, a Belgian company with operations headquartered in Belgium, aims to ensure patient safety and production improvement by collecting and transforming data into valuable information through the provision of innovative and adapted solutions based on Mirrhia’s deep expertise and permanent market and regulation watch.

For more information on Mirrhia, please visit their website.

About No deviation

No deviation offers personalised focused solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, in engineering consultancy, and regulatory quality and compliance. With a sharp focus on delivering value-adding commissioning, qualification and validation services, they are leading experts in developing the lean CQV methodology. The company places keen attention on patient safety, process understanding, regulatory compliance and efficiency in the areas of safety, quality, cost and delivery. 

No deviation believes in a holistic approach to achieving a successful execution derived from the principles of Understand, Observe, Define and Implement, which take their origin from ICHQ9. Whether as part of an integrated team, or overall scope management, the company delivers effective results from tapping into its team’s vast knowledge and experience in the field. Learn more at 

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