No deviation and Paperless Validation: how it all began

kneatgx services partnership no deviationSince its incorporation in 2007, No deviation has supported clients in their CQV journey either in greenfield or improvement projects. No deviation constantly adapts and applies the latest industry knowledge and tools to accelerate the CQV effort and ultimately benefit patients.

In the recent ISPE Global Regulatory Pharmaceutical Summit held on 28 April 2021, David Churchward (MHRA) discussed current and future challenges arising from the pandemic. He noted that future challenges, post-pandemic, would likely include developing regulatory approaches to a digital environment and harmonising remote assessments. The views from David Churchward and other panellists at the summit reaffirm No deviation’s belief that digitalisation is inevitable and that it will drive quality, efficiency, and cost reduction.

No deviation started investing its resources into sourcing a paperless solution in early 2018. During the Rome ISPE Europe Annual Conference that year, No deviation was acquainted with Kneat Solutions and the paperless validation solution – KneatGx.  Picking up on the well-thought-out architecture, functionality, scalability and robustness of the solution, No deviation pursued the adoption of KneatGx into its CQV activities.

You may have heard about the KneatGx from your global team, but you can also count on No deviation to provide you with additional information. In 2020, Kneat added No deviation to its list of Kneat Solutions partners  the first certified in Southeast Asia. We are Kneat Academy certified Master Trainer and can deliver training to the same high standards as Kneat Academy. In addition, with our own No deviation KneatGx Instance, we can provide a demonstration and even allow for real-time experience interacting with the world’s most advanced validation technology, KneatGx.

We have helped global organisations in their paperless validation journey with KneatGx – from the inception to the governance and deployment for different processes ranging from commissioning to process validation.

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