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Knowledge Management with Blynksolve

Blynksolve is a software company which accelerates and de-risks Pharma manufacturing. The company, based in Dublin Ireland, has developed a Digital Twin tailored for Pharma to address challenges currently faced by the industry.

The Blynksolve Digital Twin enables simplified design, collaboration and knowledge management of Pharma processes. This reduces avoidable errors and boosts productivity across all groups involved in Pharma manufacturing with the aim to connect people, process and technology. Blynksolve is the ideal solution for early-stage Process Design, Tech Transfer, Ops Readiness and Process Knowledge Management.

For more information on Blynksolve, please visit https://www.blynksolve.com/

Technical Service Provider in Life Sciences

In February 2023, VEQTOR and No deviation formed a partnership to benefit our clients worldwide by leveraging our shared strengths and collaborating to address our differences. The aim of this collaboration is to create a greater impact than either organization could achieve alone, allowing each to bring our unique skills and expertise to the table. 

Through our joint efforts, VEQTOR and No deviation hope to improve support to our clients globally, achieve greater success and innovation, and enhance our abilities develop over time in various parts of the world. By sharing resources and knowledge across different regions of the globe, both organizations can now serve their clients in different locations and advance their mission to provide high-quality solutions. Together, we’re dedicated to empowering your projects  to succeed, wherever you need us. Together, we aim to accompany our clients in their globalization. 

Founded in 2014, VEQTOR develops and delivers innovative solutions and sustainable best practices to accelerate speed to market. So, clients can stay relevant and get ahead. Their expertise is timeline optimization with progressive, practical, innovative, and smart solutions. And their commitment is to get it right the first time.

VEQTOR’s services include automation integration and support, fully integrated risk-based C&Q services, and paperless solutions. They are an official partner with Kneat. They’re committed to reducing time, cost, waste, and redundancy without impact to quality and compliance. 

For more information visit https://veqtorsolutions.com/

kneat partnership no deviation

Paperless validation software with Kneat

Kneat, a Canadian company with operational headquarters in Limerick, Ireland, develops and markets the next generation Kneat Gx software platform (“Kneat Gx”). Multiple business processes can be configured on Kneat Gx, from equipment to computer system validation, through to quality document management. Kneat Gx allows users to author, review, approve, execute testing online, manage any exceptions and post approve final deliverables in a controlled FDA 21 CFR Part 11/ Eudralex Annex 11 compliant platform. Macro and micro report dashboards enable powerful oversight into all systems, projects and processes worldwide. Customer case studies are reporting productivity improvements in excess of 100% and a higher data integrity and compliance standard. For more information visit www.kneat.com

The partnership between No deviation and Kneat Solutions enables them to work strategically with organizations to comprehensively map, configure, optimise and digitise work processes to KneatGx™, support deployment and provide on-going support, whether it is a single process at one site, or involves large scale deployments covering multiple sites and hundreds of users.

As a Kneat partner, we can offer you solutions in paperless validation. Get in touch with us at hello@nodeviation.com if you have questions on how we can assist you.

Learn more about our partnership with Kneat solutions here.

mirrha partnership no deviation

Environmental monitoring system (EMS) with Mirrhia

Mirrhia, a Belgian company with operations headquartered in Belgium, aims to ensure patient safety and production improvement by collecting and transforming data into valuable information through the provision of innovative and adapted solutions based on Mirrhia’s deep expertise and permanent market and regulation watch.

Mirrhia brings together a unique set of features into one single platform with applications in areas such as alarm management, particle counters and air samplers, microbiology traceability, calibration management, intelligent monitoring and electronic batch reports.

For more information on Mirrhia, please visit mirrhia.com/en

This partnership enables a synergistic relationship where Mirrhia brings a targeted solution to monitor critical parameters in facilities while No deviation brings lessons learnt for implementation improvements from the various CQV executed. The partnership would also capitalise on the extensive network and presence that No deviation has in Singapore and the APAC region.

As a Mirrhia partner, we can offer you solutions in environmental monitoring. Get in touch with us at hello@nodeviation.com if you have questions on how we can assist you.

Learn more about our partnership with Mirrhia here.

klaxoon partnership no deviation

Collaborative teamwork with Klaxoon

Klaxoon is the specialist of collaborative solutions made for effective, creative and inclusive teamwork. Founded in 2015, the company has developed a full suite of collaborative tools to allow a team to synchronize and contribute more effectively at the office and/or remotely. Klaxoon is now used by millions of teams in more than 120 countries, in more than 5,000 organizations, from the self-employed to SMEs and intermediate-sized enterprises, to NGOs and public authorities, as well as 100% of CAC40 companies and 15% of the Fortune 500. Based on visual management techniques and agile methods, Klaxoon has received numerous prizes in France and around the world. Klaxoon is the recipient of numerous prestigious awards on all continents including 4 CES Innovation Awards since 2016, Red Dot: Best of Best, “Apps and Solutions for Microsoft Teams” 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award and more. It had partnered with Dropbox the year before.

The company currently has offices in France (Rennes, Lyon, and Paris), the USA (Boston and New York) and Singapore, and employs 260 people. In recent months, the company has experienced an unprecedented acceleration in its development due to the need to rethink teamwork in the era of flexible working.

For more information on Klaxoon, please visit www.Klaxoon.com

Klaxoon is the best collaborative tool for efficient and collaborative teamwork on a daily basis. Get started for free.

This partnership will help pharmaceutical companies transform their work environment, making it more inspiring and engaging through unleashing the potential of smart teamwork.

As a Klaxoon partner, we can help facilitate collaborative teamwork in your organization. Get in touch with us at hello@nodeviation.com if you have questions on how we can assist you.

plant quest partnership no deviation

Tracking critical equipment with PlantQuest

PlantQuest is a software company founded in 2018 by Thomas Daly and Gerard Carton. Daly, the Co-Founder and Technical Director of the Waterford-based tech start-up, and Carton, its Co-Founder and Managing Director, have together developed location-based technology that can be used in large-scale manufacturing and industrial facilities to track critical equipment. The system incorporates a data cloud, which identifies the location of critical machinery and equipment within a facility. However, their solution may be put to different uses as required, such as asset management, emergency response, and so on.

For more information on PlantQuest, please visit www.plantquest.io

This partnership will enable pharmaceutical companies with large process facilities to navigate and find fixed assets faster, through a bespoke digital map, which will reduce risk and save time, increase safety, and maximise productivity.

As a PlantQuest partner, we can help you track critical equipment in your manufacturing and industrial facilities. Get in touch with us at hello@nodeviation.com if you have questions on how we can assist you.

Learn more about our partnership with PlantQuest here.

dnalytics logo no deviation

Monitoring and Enhancing Pharma Manufacturing Processes with DNAlytics

Co-founded in 2012 by Prof. Pierre Dupont and Thibault Helleputte, PhD, DNAlytics is a Belgian company that specializes in the applications of Data Sciences and Artificial Intelligence in the Life Sciences industry. These applications typically involve predictive modeling, the selection of influencing parameters, the identification and validation of predictive markers, and the stratification of datasets, in particular, when the context calls for multi-source data integration and heterogeneous data combinations in high-dimensional spaces. In the biomanufacturing context, DNAlytics has proposed HERCULE, a versatile software platform for the monitoring and enhancement of biomanufacturing processes. 

DNAlytics uses Data Science (Machine Learning, Statistics, Artificial Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Data Management,…) to build new decision-support tools from public/private data to tackle wrong or inefficient diagnoses and therapeutic strategies. Their innovative approach is built on a traditional consulting model.

Typical applications include clinical development, R&D, diagnostics, prognostics, theranostics, production and manufacturing excellence, health policy-making and patient care optimization.

For more information on DNAlytics, please visit https://dnalytics.com/ 

Through the partnership between No deviation and DNAlytics, biopharmaceutical companies in Asia can implement HERCULE. Through a modular set of analysis libraries, HERCULE accelerates the process development effort, facilitates process qualification and quality reviews, and proposes practical recommendations for enhancing the performance of routine production.

As a DNAlytics partner, No deviation can offer you solutions for monitoring and enhancing pharma manufacturing processes through the implementation of HERCULE in biopharmaceutical companies in Asia. Get in touch with us at hello@nodeviation.com if you have questions on how we can assist you.

Learn more about our partnership with DNAlytics here.

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