a conversation with fresh graduates in the pharma industry no deviation

New in the Team: Sandra Yap, Engineer, No deviation

1. What drew you to the pharmaceutical industry?

As I had some prior experience in this industry after my degree, I decided to apply for the same. I felt I had a lot of knowledge, but I realised I still had so much to learn about the pharmaceutical industry.

2. What were you expecting – study vs reality? Is learning on the job very different from what you have learned in your study books?

I think that studying and reality are very different in their own ways. As we had internships during our studies, it opened our vision to the theories that were words in our lecture notes becoming something that we were able to execute in real life.

3. How do you feel after your first project experience?

To be on a project while working in the back office is a great experience for me as I am able to work for a client as well as for No deviation. It strengthens my multitasking abilities and being able to adapt quickly also helps.

4. What is your biggest learning experience? What is the part of the project you enjoyed the most? 

My biggest learning experience is about communicating and working with the client, which I have never done before. I enjoyed having to work with the sub-contractors in the project as it brought me great insights about their work while we were working together on this project.

5. What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to having more learning opportunities.

6. How is No deviation treating you? How is No deviation helping you achieve your professional goals? What do you hope to learn from your team at No deviation?

I do think that Nd is treating me well. I have a great mentor who guides me on what I should be looking at while setting up, she helps solidify my goals and I appreciate that especially when I am a lost fresh graduate who doesn’t really have a clear goal. To me, she’s a great mentor that I look up to.  

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