a conversation about engineering consultancy no deviation

Talk to the expert: Pierre Winnepenninckx, CEO, No deviation

1. Tell us more about your role at No deviation.

That’s a question I can’t answer for sure. I like to see myself as a catalyst. Listening to the surroundings and accelerating good ideas. When you fail, you want to fail fast, learn from it and get back to work with increased knowledge.

2. How would you describe an engineering consultancy project, in a few easy-to-understand words?

Listening, and communication. Being able to understand what the client really needs and start your PDCA (plan do check act). If you think you know best, that’s generally when you fail because you stop listening.

3. What would you tell a client consulting with you on an engineering project in the pharmaceutical industry?

That we truly care about the patient at the end of the supply chain. We have a lot of tools and knowledge that we will share, but it is a journey we are on, together. Every project is unique, by the context in which it is done, the people involved, the product, the location. The key is to stick to some principles (lean thinking, risk management, process knowledge,…and apply them to the current context. 

4. What are the potential challenges you have faced in engineering consultancy projects? How did you overcome the difficulties they presented?

Keeping sight of what defines a successful project.

A project fails when scopes are not properly defined. There are always grey areas but we have to acknowledge them and openly resolve them. Being able to have crucial conversations is a key element for success.

5. What type of engineering work do you have the greatest passion for?

Problem-solving! But then, every project is started to solve a problem. I’m passionate about Biopharma. The science gained in the last decade is just amazing. We develop vaccines in months not years, we cure diseases that we didn’t even know about when I was a kid, and all of that is getting more accessible. There is no better time than today to work in the pharma industry, but I have been saying so for the last 10 years. 

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If you have any questions regarding engineering consultancy and project management in the pharmaceutical industry, please contact Pierre at pierre.w@nodeviation.com or connect with him on LinkedIn.