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What is a Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification in the pharma industry?

Project Management Professional (PMP) is an international certification in project management. PMP demonstrates the education, skill, understanding, and competency required to be effectively involved in projects, often in leading and directing positions.

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PMP does not offer methodologies or protocols which are set in stone. Rather, it provides a framework for key concepts, best practices, proven historical practices and how to apply tools and associated techniques to a project. It is up to the individual to ascertain how to use the body of knowledge provided within PMP and apply it based on the aspects of each individual project. These aspects cover (but is not limited to), user requirements/expectations, project requirements/expectations, geographical/cultural considerations, governing regulations, and people.

Pros and cons of the PMP Certification

These can at times be subjective rather than objective. As such, the pros and cons listed below can differ from individual to individual.

Pros Cons
Recognised credential

  • PMP is one of the most recognised credentials internationally.

The certification confirms project management experience

  • Having the certification validates the individual’s expertise within project management.

Networking and job opportunities

Requires time and commitment1

  • To gain the certification requires time and commitment on the individual’s part.

Keeping the certification active2

  • It takes time and effort to keep the certification active where 60 (Professional Development Units) PDUs every three years need to be submitted.

Basic framework3

  • PMP provides the basic framework of project management.
  1. Although listed as a con, this can also be seen as a positive, reflecting the individual’s commitment to self-improvement.
  2. This too can be seen as a positive, where earning the PDUs reflects the commitment of the individual to updating their knowledge and skills, which are constantly evolving.
  3. Although PMP only provides the basic framework, it can be viewed as promoting the critical thinking aspects of the individual to make knowledge-based decisions with the framework as a basis.

While Project Management Professionals are necessary for every industry, they are of utmost importance in the pharmaceutical and life sciences industries, where the pharma project manager oversees drug development from start to finish. They will be responsible for making sure that timelines are maintained, the drug is developed within the budget and within regulatory requirements for safety and efficacy. 

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