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What you should know about the ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference and Exhibition 2020

The ISPE Singapore Affiliate Conference and Exhibition 2020, is just around the corner. Being one of the biggest pharma events in the region, the conference will be as grand as always. This year, however, will be special since it is the 20th Anniversary of ISPE Singapore Affiliate. And, for the first time, the conference will be delivered digitally.

Conference facts

This year’s conference will be held on 9th – 11th December, and maintain the format that has proven efficient and well-received in the past years. Post the main plenary sessions, two tracks will run in parallel, giving the audience the flexibility to pick the one that interests them. 

You will be hearing from over 65 speakers from various domains – a fantastic mix of perspectives from regulatory agency, manufacturing, consultancy as well as supplier. 

Thanks to technology, the exhibitions will be delivered virtually through virtual booths. It is such innovation that makes it possible to showcase equipment or technologies that cannot be brought to a physical booth.

Further details about the conference and registration may be found here.

Conference topics

The two keywords for this year’s event are Compliance and Innovation. A repeatedly asked question from the webinars is, ‘This new technology is great, but will the regulatory agency accept it?’ This year, both will be on the same platform. 

Please rest assured that regulatory agencies and industry SMEs are not working in silos. There is proactive communication going both ways, and ISPE provides a brilliant forum for these communications. In the past years, the ISPE has formed working groups on various technologies and on compliance too. Stay updated on the latest innovation and discuss your concerns face-to-face with regulatory speakers.

Networking activities

Certainly, the ISPE has not forgotten the networking sessions that everyone enjoys. Especially in this challenging time, we all need to be connected or re-connected. The virtual platform enables chats, meetings and discussions online. The powerful Digital Matchmaking tool helps match potential interests and build valuable relationships. Talking about digitalisation and Pharma 4.0? We can start from here. 

No deviation’s engagement

No deviation has been active in the ISPE. In fact, a number of us hold major roles within the Society, such as President of the Affiliate, Conference Chair, Core Team Member of CoPs. We are committed to building a knowledge sharing network within the Society and the industry. 

This year, No deviation will have a virtual booth at the conference. We are also chairing various conference tracks and panel discussions. Please let us know if there is a specific topic you’d like to discuss.

You can visit our website or watch our webinars to understand our expertise and what we can offer.

Please feel free to contact me or follow me on LinkedIn for a 20% discount code for the conference.

We look forward to meeting you at the conference.